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August 2015

Blossom News

Dear Longtime friends, family and to some I’ve yet to meet,

I am literally jumping with excitement, like the girl in the picture above, and I hope you too will share in the joy (although you don’t have to do the jumping).  
We will be opening Sept. 1 as a mentoring center.  We are entering unchartered waters, but our desire is to do everything we can to help these damaged kids become productive adults.  The young people we will serve will be referred to us by various organizations already working with these children.  Because of their background, they are usually behind in their education, have very few life skills and are ill-equipped for a vocation.  They will be coming to us with fear, anger, guilt and a lot of other baggage.  However, we know they are very special people and our plan is to combat these negatives and help them to become productive, happy adults. Working with trained, loving volunteers we believe BCN can make a difference in their lives.  In fact, everyone reading this can make a difference in these kids’ lives.  There are a lot of one of a kind and ongoing needs to make this center effective.  YOU CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT.  

Some of you who have been with us in the beginning know of the journey we have taken.  For those who are new, here is a quick review.  We started out with my dream of opening a home where the girls out of sexual trafficking would have a safe, loving place to heal their wounds and begin the process of becoming a productive person away from the life of enslavement.  This proved to be way too expensive and we could only serve 4  girls at a time.  From there we moved on to trying to find foster parents.  However, Foster parents who are fully equipped to care for these traumatized children were few and far between. We were not successful with this endeavor.  Meanwhile we started finding ways we could serve these kiddos by giving material gifts, but we still weren’t working with the children in a one to one situation.  OUR SOLUTION: THE BLOSSOM CENTER.  Now we can look forward to actually working with these at-risk children in a one to one relationship.   We do not have all the answers!   It will be a learning experience.  The challenge is great so we really appreciate your thoughts, prayers, suggestions and generous gifts.  Donations may be made on our newly redesigned website “” by clicking on the Donate button; or you can mail a check to BCN  at 1600 Downing Street, Suite 240, Denver CO 80218.

I wish I could personally thank each one of you and give you a big hug, but I can’t.  So, I want you to know how much it means to me and our BCN family that you have a concern for these damaged children and want, along with us, to see their lives do a big turn around.  

With love,

Rosanne Sharratt,
Founder of Blossom Care Network 

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