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I love spring!  Don’t you!  I love to watch the early spring flowers pop out of the ground and see the flowering trees burst forth with their blooms.  I’m in awe of the great variety of colors and flowers we see.  After staring at the dark clouds and snow of winter, I usually feel they are long overdue. 

In working with sexually exploited kids, you hear so many horror stories and they are so easy to focus on.  We can look at all the darkness around us and get discouraged. Yet, this is when we need to look at the light that we know is just around the corner and see the happy faces of the kids that we have helped.

I have a quote I look at often and it says “The direction of your gaze determines the quality of you days.”  To me, this indicates that I can determine where I place my gaze.  What do I focus my attention on?   What do I listen to?  What do I fill my heart with?  We have so many choices each day in these areas.

This is the focus that moves me and Blossom Care Network onward to find the solutions we believe will make a difference, even if it is only one person.  Maybe that person will be the U.S. President someday (although I don’t know if I would wish that on anyone). 


We hope you direct your gaze toward these children and become committed to their restoration.  Thanks to those who have thrilled us by giving your time and money! You are their hope for the future.

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