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Research shows that at-risk youth can greatly benefit from the help of mentors and tutors. While there are numerous organizations offering these services, few if any, provide individuals specifically trained to deal with children who have suffered from trauma.

Blossom Care Network developed a program which incorporates trauma-informed care into all aspects of our services. All of our volunteers and partners are required to go through specialized trauma training and background checks. By recognizing the presence of trauma symptoms, and acknowledging the role that trauma has played in their lives; we can increase engagement.

With the Blossom Center in Arvada we offer a safe, controlled environment where both the youth and the mentor can relax away from distractions and get to know each other and engage in activities.  At the same time, BCN can also match youth with mentors close to wherever they live, with the mentor meetings in public places that can be varied from week to week.

Beyond mentoring, BCN impacts youth by offering:

  • Education Support
  • Extracirricular activities (music, hikes, sporting events, etc.)
  • Homework assistance
  • Skills assessment and training
  • Career research
  • Job preparedness
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