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Anyone can nominate a young person for our mentoring program, even themselves. Do you know a youth in need of a mentor? Are you someone who needs a supportive adult or tutoring?

Blossom Care Network will provide one-to-one mentoring services for young people who were sexually exploited or are at risk of being exploited. Mentoring services will include: improving interpersonal skills, self-esteem and teamwork; enhancing academic skills and sparking a passion for learning; encouraging new interests and hope for the future; providing career assessment, skills training and placement assistance; and providing guidance, support and encouragement through the development of a significant relationship with a responsible trauma informed adult mentor.

A young person can nominate themselves or be nominated by a parent, guardian, teacher, or concerned adult. Once nominated, a parent or guardian must provide written permission for the minor to participate in Blossom Center as a mentee.

All mentees go through an orientation session in which they learn what to expect from their mentoring relationship and The Center policies and procedures.

To nominate yourself or a youth, please call 303-578-2422. The center coordinator will contact you for intake.

Mentee Eligibility

To become a mentee, a young personmust:

  • be in middle school or high school
  • demonstrate a desire to participate in the program and abide by Blossom Center guidelines;
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