Together with its supporters, vendors and friends, BCN offers a number of internships and job shadowing options for young people interested in exploring different careers:

1.     Additive manufacturing & 3D printing - Assist in a professional 3D print shop.

2.     Aerobotics R&D - Work on a hybrid airplane/quadcopter drone project.

3.     Business management - Work with Blossom Enterprises’ CEO and Blossom Care Network’s Executive Director.  See what it takes to start and run a small business.

4.     Clothing design - Assist in the design of for men’s and women’s apparel, working toward a custom designed clothing line made entirely in Colorado from hemp fabric.

5.      Clothing printing - Assist in a local professional clothing print shop.  Manage printing of Hemp Colorado t-shirts.

6.     Clothing production & Seamstress - Assist in replacing manufacture labels with HCO labels and hang tags, and in the manufacture of Hemp Colorado garments, starting with t-shirts but building toward a complete apparel line.

7.     Commercial baking & cake decoration - Assist an award winning baker.  There may be CAD applications with 3D cake mold design & prototyping.

8.     Computer aided design & drafting - Assist in designing a variety of client ( and in-house projects using Autodesk Inventor.

9.     Doggy Day Care – Work with one of the area’s biggest and fastest growing dog boarding & day care companies; offering back office opportunities and/or direct doggy contact.

10.   Hair Salon - Shadow cosmetologists and apprentice at a high-end salon.

11.   Medical office - Shadow doctors and/or staff in a private medical practice.

12.   Website Management

  • Design - Work to improve the existing customer environment and create new ones.
  • Ecommerce - Learn how to use Shopify to develop and maintain an online storefront.
  • Webmaster - Learn to use content management software to help update and maintain over a half-dozen websites.
  • Social media - Learn the business, tips and techniques from a social media professional.


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