Blossom Care Network Mission

BCN's mission is to help youth succeed at whatever their goals are.  We work with young people that often come from difficult, abusive circumstances, pairing them with caring adults who have been trained to deal with their situations.  First we establish a basis for trust, then we help them to identify their strengths and interests.  After that we guide them in setting goals and objectives.  Finally, we assist and push them as they begin to pursue their dreams.  Along the way, BCN hopes that we form life-long relationships with the young folks we encounter.  All of this combined is what we refer to as 1 to 1 mentoring.  

But BCN isn't finished when our participants turn 18.  One of the biggest issues facing vulnerable young people is what to do when they officially become adults and are expected to care for themselves, at the same time that they lose much of their support network and are not yet equipped for success.  All too often young people can revert to the unhealthy environments and lifestyles of their old crew, and any progress they've made is lost.  This is a tragedy and a waste!  Its also a gap that Blossom must address.  So BCN strongly encourages all the young people in our program to take advantage of the continued mentoring, advanced skills training and job placement services offered by our associate social enterprise, Blossom Enterprises, Ltd.

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